Pallet of 96 Color Square Milk Crates

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Please select colors and quantity from list. If not specified we will ship all black color
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Ultra Violet (+$1.00)
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You’re about to make a significant saving by buying high quality, authentic milk crates from one of the US’ leading suppliers. Whether you’re purchasing for packing your products and shipping your items, or are simply looking for an affordable, stackable storage solution, this bulk pack of 96 crates is the ideal solution – providing for your choice of color mix; choose from: black, blue, green, yellow, white, violet, red, gray, orange, brown or lime green (should you not list which colors you’d like on your order, we’ll simply ship 96 black crates). Measuring 13” x 13” x 11” our square crates feature reinforced handles and corners for an extra layer of durability.

When you purchase from Milk Crates Direct, you buy quality crates that will stand up to even the toughest of challenges. We use only the highest quality of resins and manufacture our crates with heavy duty HDPE plastic – which prevents cracks appearing and ensures rigorous strength. 

Should you need to buy an even larger quantity, get in touch with the team and we’ll look at the best rate we can provide for you – we always have an offer running for customers who purchase a full trailer load of crates.

We can customize each crate on both the interior and exterior with your company logo – which can be an effective form of promotion where your crates are left with customers for any given time. Simply ask our team for a quote.

  • Made from top quality materials
  • Reinforced corners and handles
  • Smooth interior surfaces
  • Stackable Molded-in logos on two sides
Color Black
Weigh 3 Pounds
Material HDPE - Heavy-Duty Plastic Resin on all of the specs
Dimensions - outside
Length 13"
Width 13"
Depth 11"
Dimensions - inside
Length 12"
Width 12"
Depth 10.75"

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