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Milk crates from The States’ leading supplier of authentic, heavy duty plastic crates

Plastic milk crates

Plastic milk crates are highly versatile and our customers range from creators of innovative furniture to those in industry who manufacture items on-mass. Matching this versatility is the sheer range of colors and sizes of the milk crates we stock – spanning black, gray, red, blue, yellow, violet and brown which are for both rectangular crates and our square crates. Our rectangular crates measure 18.75" x 13" x 11" while our more compact square crates measure 13” x 13” x 11”.

Milk crates for sale

Seeking out a significant saving? Our pricing for a full trailer of our milk crates offer a leading price tag of $7 for our rectangular milk crates, and $4.15 for our square crates.

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Created from heavy duty HDPE plastic our milk crates undergo the most stringent of manufacturing processes – for a crate that performs under the heaviest and most demanding of loads. Both our square and rectangular crates have reinforced corners and handles to ensure that the most vulnerable of areas are protected. All in all our milk crates have been created to last – able to withstand years upon years of heavy loading and a tough everyday working life.


Who We Are

Farmplast is the number one supplier of authentic milk crates in the United States.
We manufacture all of our milk crates in-house in accordance with the latest industry standards, using the finest quality resins. Available in a wide range of colors, shapes and sizes, our milk crates are not only versatile but affordable too.
We are proud to supply individuals and businesses all over the country with first class storage solutions, designed to stand the test of time

Make It Personal

We think it’s important to make your products personal and exclusive, which is why we give all of our customers the option to purchase personalized milk crates.
Using hotstamping and molded-in logos we can customize your milk crates and give them a personal touch.
Hotstamping your milk crates or having them customized using molded-in logos will make them unique to your business.
​They will also double up as the perfect marketing tools, helping to spread the word about your company.

Made in USA

Need a hassle-free way of ordering authentic milk crates online? Look no further than Farmplast.
We design, manufacture and supply milk crates direct from our factory in New Jersey. Buying directly from us, allows you to cut out the middleman and with it any additional costs.
Buy from us for the peace of mind that you will be receiving top quality milk crates at affordable prices.
We will also deliver direct to your door.