Pallet of 54 S-Crates

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Please select colors and quantity from list. If not specified we will ship all black color
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Speciality Colors:
White (+$1.00)
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Yellow (+$1.00)
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Ultra Violet (+$1.00)
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Lime Green (+$1.00)
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This pallet of 54 Super Crates is the best value option, and you can still pick the colors that you want.

Key Benefits

  • 14.5” wide x 14.5” long x 14.5” Tall
  • Stackable back and sides
  • Nestable back and sides
  • Reinforced handles and corners
  • Choose from 12 different colors
  • Pallet of 54 Super Crates

Whether you’re a school, club or organization, or whether you just need lots of strong crates for your home, our S-Crate is the answer. Strong, tough and bigger than our standard crates, you’ll find plenty of room for even the bulkiest of items.

As well as offering you more square inches, we’ve boosted the strength of our crates too. With reinforced corners and handles, and a robust design, our S-Crate can cope with even the heaviest of items. Test it out and prepare to be amazed at just how strong it really is!

The finishing is flawless with top quality resin that’s silky smooth and like satin to the touch. Whether you’re making milk crate furniture or using it to store books and equipment, our S-Crate brings you a premium grade product at a surprisingly affordable cost.

Enjoy our biggest ever, premium quality crates for the lowest possible price. Order yours today and start planning how you’ll use them all!

Color All colors available
Weigh 4.1 lbs
Material HDPE Plastic
Capacity 250 lbs
Dimensions - outside
Height 14.9"
Top length 14.75"
Top width 14.75"
Bottom length 14.5"
Bottom width 14.5"
Dimensions - inside
Height 14.5"
Top length 13.75"
Top width 13.75"
Bottom length 13.5"
Bottom width 13.5"
Side stackable Yes
Side nestable Yes
Stackable Yes
Nestable Yes

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