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Super Crates

Super Crates

Discover the new Super Crate! Our biggest and toughest crate ever!

Key Benefits

  • Reinforced handles and corners.
  • Stackable on back and sides.
  • Nestable on back and sides.
  • 11 different colors to choose from. 
  • Original Super Size Design perfect for larger items: LP Records, Charger Plates, Books, Bags, etc...


  • Interior: 13.75 wide x 13.75 long x 14.5” deep     /   Exterior: 14.75 wide x 14.75 long x 14.9" high 

Made from high quality resin, it’s flawlessly smooth on the inside and tough on the outside. The S-Crate is strong too, capable of transporting all of your heavy items. Our patented intelligent design allows the crates to stack up right and side ways creating multiple uses for this irreplaceable every day item.

The S-Crates reinforced handles, corners, and bottom help gurantee a long life cycle - these crates are made to last.

Choose from 11 different colors: black, blue, green, yellow, white, violet, red, gray, orange, brown, and lime green.

Don't forget to inquire about adding your own private name branding on these crates for an additional fee.