Red Rectangular Milk Crate

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Measuring 18.75" x 13" x 11" our red rectangular crates are ideal for many commercial tasks; as perfect for modular storage as they are for protecting products during shipping.

Our plastic milk crates have been manufactured to the most stringent of standards, using only the highest quality of materials; created from robust resins all of our milk crates feature reinforced corners and handles – providing for resilience against everyday working life and allowing you to ship or store even the heaviest of weighted goods or items.

Our crates stack one on top of the other, providing for a space saving solution – perfect for working spaces where you have limited square footage.

You also have an option of personalizing your crates with your own logo, by using our affordable molded-in personalization service. This adds your logo to both the inside and the outside of the crate – talk with our team to discover how budget-friendly this promotional option is.

If you need to buy in bulk, we can help – we offer a range of packages including 3, 6, 48, 96 and whole trailer loads of crates – if you need a custom amount of crates, simply get in touch. 

  • Made from top quality materials
  • Reinforced corners and handles
  • Smooth interior surfaces
  • Stackable Molded-in logos on two sides
Color Red
Weigh 4 Pounds
Material HDPE - Heavy-Duty Plastic Resin on all of the specs
Dimensions - outside
Length 18.75"
Width 13"
Depth 11"
Dimensions - inside
Length 18.25"
Width 12"
Depth 10.75"

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