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Top Tips on Where to Buy Milk Crates

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ll have noticed that milk crates are the hottest thing to hit the market. Strong, versatile and attractive, they are suitable for a whole host of uses from stashing your vinyl records to creating a funky, modular garden.

However, although you might see lots of plastic crates stacked up in stores, it’s not as simple as just taking one for personal use. Did you know that doing so could land you in some serious trouble? Here’s a closer look at how to get milk crates legally so you don’t miss out on the latest trend.

How NOT to Get Milk Crates

Stolen Milk Crates - don't do thatBefore looking at how to find the best milk crates, it’s worth taking a moment to explain why you can’t help yourself to crates which seem to just be lying around.

Crates are a staple component in grocery stores, and they’re used for storage and transportation of dairy and other chilled products. As such you’ll often see then en masse, and at times they may be empty and just stacked up. With such a large pile of crates seemingly not being used, it can be tempting to take what you need, especially if they are outside on the sidewalk.

Although it may seem harmless, if you take a milk crate for personal use, not only could you end up in trouble with the police, you will also be contributing to a larger problem. Theft of milk crates is a big challenge for the industry, with tens of millions of dollars lost each year. Those crates which seem to have been disregarded will be waiting collection; they are a recyclable product that’s used time and again.

Some states mention milk crates specifically in their legislation, but even if they don’t, you can be charged with unauthorized possession and slapped with a hefty fine, and a criminal record. For the sake of just a few dollars, don’t risk it.

The Best Way to Find Milk Crates

If you’re feeling disappointed with the revelation that taking milk crates for personal use is illegal, fear not. It’s actually incredibly easy to purchase new milk crates and very cheap as well.

Industrial Milk Crates Individuals who live close to a milk crate supplier could just approach them directly, but the easiest way to source milk crates is by looking online. In the US, it’s not difficult to find milk crate manufacturers and you’ll be amazed at just how cheaply you can buy them. Available for just a few dollars, milk crates are inexpensive - it’s really not worth the possibility of getting in trouble with the law when you can pick them up so cheaply!

If you’ve never considered buying a milk crate before, you may well be surprised at just how widely available they are. Whether you need one milk crate or 100, there is no shortage of online suppliers.

Buy Recycled Plastic Crates

Although the advantages of milk crates are clear for anyone to see, you may be wrestling with your conscience because of the use of plastic. Much has been written in the media in recent times about the damaging effects of plastic on the environment. The good news is that by choosing your milk crate supplier carefully, you can help to protect the planet by using milk crates.

Recycled Milk CratesNo matter what you plan on using your milk crate for, you’ll find that it’s strong and durable and will last for many years. You can forget about using other types of storage which won’t last as long; using milk crates means that you won’t constantly be needing other forms of packaging or storage. In other words, you’ll actually be reducing the pressure on the environment. Milk crates are so tough they can be used again and again and again! This type of recycling helps to preserve valuable natural resources and reduces the need for processing.

But you can do more for the planet than simply use milk crates. Look for a milk crate manufacturer that includes recycled plastic within their materials. If you want a crate that’s as strong as possible, you should get a milk crate that’s no more than 20% recycled plastic. This gives the best of both worlds, helping to stay eco-friendly without compromising on the performance.

It’s not difficult to buy recycled milk crates online, and by doing so, you’ll be making the green choice.

How to Get the Milk Crates You Want

Although milk crates are strong enough for general storage, there’s far more uses for them than being piled up in a cupboard somewhere. Milk crates can be used to create a feature in your house, whether that’s furniture or wall storage which takes center stage.

Buy your milk crate directThis means that you may have a preference about the color crates you want. Black is very functional and can look sleek and sophisticated so for some, this color is ideal. Black milk crates are easy to buy and can be found very cheaply. But the good news is that it’s also possible to buy colored milk crates too.

When you’re searching for an online supplier, look for someone who offers you a choice. This could be a range of different colors as well as different sizes. This provides you with the ability to create an eye-catching display using the crates you want.

This is one huge advantage of buying milk crates rather than just stealing one off the street. For just a few dollars you can pick and choose exactly the colors you need to create a retro and funky feature in your home.

Find High Quality Plastic Crates

Buying online can be risky at times so it’s important to make sure you choose a high-quality supplier. Even if you don’t know much about milk crates, it’s not difficult to find a site which stands out from the crowd.

When looking to buy milk crates, make sure you use a site that offers clear pictures of exactly what you’re buying. If you can see the plastic crates online, it gives you the option to inspect them first to make sure you’re getting what you expect. Alongside the pictures there should be a clear description with dimensions and also any key features, such as reinforced corners, so you understand the product.

Don’t be tempted to buy from cheap sites that don’t have clear photos or text explaining what you’ll be getting. Making sure you are buying high quality plastic crates and are getting what you are paying for. You can purchase milk crates for surprisingly low prices without having to compromise your standards.

Buy Your Plastic Milk Crates Today

Farmplast - Supplier of Milk CratesAs the above information explains, it’s very easy to buy milk crates online from a reputable supplier that you can trust. Strong, tough and durable milk crates could help you to transform your home and garden, providing you with fun options for new ideas. The very low cost of milk crates makes them the perfect addition to any home, giving you the chance to experiment and get creative without breaking the bank.